Guidelines for Facilitators

Thank you for your interest in facilitation of the IFLA Global Vision discussion. To support you in this task, a special set of guidelines along with a presentation and a report template have been prepared. We also encourage you to promote the meetings under a format designed in the Communications Package. A set of useful tips about the organization of the IFLA Global Vision meetings have been included in Guidelines for Organizers.

All meetings organized under the Global Vision discussion should have a similar framework that has been described in details in the Guidelines for Facilitators. The document describes context, group process, structure as well as outcomes of the meeting. It also includes questions that will be answered by participants – the key component that ensures consistency of the IFLA Global Vision discussion. The answers to questions will inform the meeting report, also included in the package, that should be sent to not later than 14 days after the discussion you have facilitated. While the meeting may be held in your own language, the report must be written in English.

When sending your e-mail request to, please specify the planned date, place (city/country) and the organizer. Also, if you’re interested in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish or German version of the Guidelines for Facilitators, please specify that in your email (please note that the report from your discussion must be written in English).